Failure Analysis

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Disciplined, methodical planning and execution of the investigation process from start to completion is fundamental to successful failure analysis. Stone Engineering Incorporated has acquired extensive experience in development and performance of forensic engineering investigations to meet the needs of our clients in the industrial, legal and insurance communities throughout the United States.

Investigations are conducted consistent with the scientific method utilizing a methodical, systems-based approach to define and execute an appropriate investigation protocol using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis and Root Cause Analysis techniques to ensure high confidence convergence on probable root cause in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The evidence required to test each plausible hypothesis identified through the FMEA performed at the system and component levels as appropriate is prioritized in a least intrusive, least destructive approach within the protocol to proactively identify specific requirements for testing, physical measurements or nondestructive inspection techniques prior to destructive disassembly or alteration of the failed exhibit. The protocol is then executed to collect the identified evidence necessary to support determination of failure mode, mechanism and sequence as appropriate. The summation of evidence collected is evaluated through Root Cause Analysis to converge on the probable root cause of failure.

Assignments completed to date include failure analysis investigations of marine, automotive, heavy equipment, structure and appliance systems and components following material failure, fire loss and explosion, and structure storage tanks, piping and plumbing systems and components following material failure and loss of product containment. The principal engineer has over 35 years of forensic engineering experience and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the best investigative approach for your specific case. References are available upon request.

Stone Engineering Incorporated is an engineering firm that is dedicated to providing our clients with clear, concise and objective technical opinion to allow them to make informed decisions on the merits and progression of their case. Reach out to us to discuss how we can assist in your failure analysis.

Failure Analysis

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